When facilitating groups becomes part of your world.

Peer Support Group Facilitator Training

Looking to hone your Group Facilitator Skills?

The training is a comprehensive, interactive, and practical training program for Peer Supporters who want to be facilitators of peer support groups. This is for both Individual Peer Supporters and Family Peer Supporters.

Learn the difference between peer support groups and peer led groups, and how to stay true to your peer values while maintaining your own mental health.
We have designed the training to maximize your learning through the use of many teaching modalities.

We will be using videos, slides, dialogue, interactive exercises and breakout rooms to fully equip you to provide valuable peer support group facilitation after this training.

Our job is to provide the opportunity for you to become a great peer support group facilitator both online and in person.

It is up to you how you walk into that opportunity.

All training materials incorporate the following:
  • Peer Support Canada Knowledge Matrix requirements related to peer support delivery
  • Mental Health Commission of Canada’s (MHCC) peer support values (as outlined in the Guidelines for the Practice and Training of Peer Supporters)
  • Principles of trauma informed support; and
  • Integration of mental health, family-based, addiction-based, and other related peer support discussions (e.g. specific to the participants in the group).
The training incorporates discussions related to:
  • Peer support values and staying true to them in group settings
  • The distinction between peer-led versus peer support groups
  • Bias and diversity
  • Managing stress, our own wellness
  • Fundamentals of facilitating a group:
  • how do I set them up?
  • safety
  • boundaries
  • welcomes and introductions
  • virtual or in-person groups
  • How to manage different groups (inclusive of adjusting styles dependent upon where the participants are coming from).

    This is a 4 two-hour Session Training 
Online on Zoom.
Cost $200.00
Next offering June 17 and 19
Twice a day for the two days

Facilitated by

Charlotte Armstrong

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Facilitating groups is one of Charlotte's passions.    
Charlotte is the mental health momager and co-creator at Robyn Priest LIVE YOUR TRUTH and believes wholeheartedly in Peer Support and its role in Mental Wellness.